a mile from texarkana

November 30, 2012

vintage top, belt and bag  //  randomly acquired denim, wedges and accessories

sterling, blue & green turquoise, labradorite earrings by Lauren

This incredible, southwestern-print, fringe top was the inspiration behind this photo series. Pretty sure I remember someone walking up to me to touch the fringe once at the mall, it's that enthralling. But then, when isn't fringe captivating? As for the printed fabric, it is interesting enough to note that it is the reverse side that is used on the exterior, allowing a washed-out effect from the ink not penetrating completely. I'm especially grateful to be able to feature jewelry designs by Lauren, which I basically wear about 7 days a week.

The photos themselves speak to the traveler in all of us, wherever life may find you. Although Patrick had some of his own hilarious captions to add including, "Where the hell is the bus?!" and "I have such a headache right now." or "I hope I have exact change."